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Do you have a low salt using softener?
Yes. We have the Millennium water softening system that utilizes soft water brine therefore, it use 30% less water and 30%
less salt than a conventional water softener. The Millennium water softener has the newest, most innovative technology making it the industries most efficient salt saving water softener on the market. 

Do you have salt free systems?
No. You will find companies on the Internet that claim salt free water softeners and magnets are the way to go. The way a salt free system works is an electrode clamps onto your pipe.  The electrode sends out a current that allows hard water to flow freely through your pipes without corrosion.  Down side is you still have the undesirable hard water scale and calcium residue building up on you skin, hair, appliances, water heater and fixtures.  

Why can't I find salt free systems in this area?
That's because they don't work effectively.  Minnesota aquifer water is extremely hard and the effects of hard water go beyond the damage to your plumbing.

Can I use Potassium chloride instead of Solar Salt?
Yes.  Any of our systems can use potassium in place of sodium.  Be sure to let the installer know that you are going to use potassium so that your softener can be programmed accordingly.

What makes your softeners different than the ones I see at Sears, Home Depot and other box stores?
Dakota Water Treatment is a water treatment dealership. We have access to professional high performance brands and equipment that plumbers and department stores do not. We also have specialized training in the programming and set-up of our products so you get the full benefit of the innovative, cost saving technology.  

You may have noticed we do not carry an "all in one" softener like those you see at department stores.  This is because there is an advantage to keeping the salt tank and the water softener separate.  Two tank systems allow for a more flexible installation. They fit better in tight spaces like town homes and closets. Our repositionable brine tank come in many sizes ensuring the best fit for your space. This is most important when you want to clean behind or work on the water heater or change the furnace filter, our salt tank can simply be moved out of the way!  

All of our softeners are maintenance free.   Just google the department store models and you willl see all kinds advice and complaints about cleaning out the ports and venturi to error codes and so forth.

With the all in one models you are recommended to use pellet salt. With two tank style water softeners you would be using solar crystals which are pure salt and do not leave behind a residue or paste like build-up .

Professional water softeners typically come with longer manufactorer warranties.  This is because they are built better and are designed to last longer. 

Dakota Water Treatment has expertly trained and experienced water treatment specialists ready to assist you with your problem water. You may be experiencing hard water stains, calcium and mineral deposits on your glasses, silverware, shower doors and granite surfaces to mention a few.  Hard water also causes a build up on your skin and hair causing dry itchy skin and dull lifeless hair.  A water softener removes the problem causing minerals calcium and magnesium from your household water. With hard water you have to use more soap, use more lotions and conditioners, laundry comes out dull and stiff, and cleaning is a huge chore. Softening the water makes life more enjoyable. You will spend less time cleaning and your skin and hair will be softer and more manageable. Laundry will come out cleaner. less detergents will be needed. Clothes, bedding and towels will come out softer and last longer. Water using appliances such as your water heater will perform better and last longer. A water softener pays for itself! You will experience the benefits of having clean, softened water daily.

What makes Dakota Water Treatment different? We specialize in high quality no maintenance products. If you are looking for the newest, most innovative, highly efficient water softener look no further...Dakota Water Treatment not only has the product you are looking for but we are expertly trained in the programming and set up of the newer, more sophisticated full function water softeners.

Department store (all-in-one style) water softeners:  Be aware of department store water softeners. These models (Kenmore Morton, Whirlpool, GE and Water Boss) are all made by one company and are poorly designed, require the use of problem causing salt pellets, require regular maintenance, come with short limited warranties and are not serviced by most professional water treatment companies. Many people report only getting 3 to 5 years out of their water softeners, a build up of salt mush or salt paste in the tank, clogging of the venturi, system failures, error codes on the digital display, water overfilling the tank, not to mention inconsistent softening of the water. Do your research...all-in-one style softeners do not receive great reviews!

Does spending more money result in a better, longer lasting, more efficient water softener?  
Not necessarily. You have four choices, the cheap depart store models, an independent water water treatment company, a franchise dealer or the internet.

Department Store: As mentioned above the department store models are less expensive up front but do not last long, are not reliable, require maintenance and are not serviced by most companies. 

Independent water treatment companies: Independent water treatment companies like Dakota Water Treatment are typically your hometown, family owned and operated water treatment companies.  Independent water treatment dealers are not held to a specific line of water treatment products Therefore, we have access to many brands of controllers, resins and tanks. Most independent dealers know to build a system to a high standard. At Dakota Water Treatment we require top of the line controllers, high grade resins and reliable tanks resulting in time tested reliability and the newest most innovative products available.  Dakota Water Treatment employees only professional licensed water treatment installers, as well as expertly trained water treatment specialists to assist you in selecting the correct water softener for you.   

Franchise dealerships: Franchise companies such as Kinetico, Culligan, Surge, and Ecowater typically offer a specific line of water treatment products supplied to them through a franchise license. A higher price does not guarantee higher quality or reliability. Marketing and business operating costs greatly influence the price of their water treatment products and services. Call around, a good example of higher costs can be found in such things as service and trip fees. Most independent water treatment dealers like Dakota Water Treatment do not provide warranty or part service on franchise products due to difficulties in obtaining technical support as well as obtaining parts for their specially designed products. Therefore, franchise dealers can charge more money for trip fees, parts and service as they are the only ones that can provide service on their products. 

The internet:  Internet prices may look great but often times the product you receive is of moderate or low quality. For instance there are many grades of softening media (resin) the higher the grade the more resilient the resin is to extreme hardness (as we experience in most of Minnesota), high chlorine and regular use. You will not be able to choose the grade of softening media for your water softener so the reliability and soft water consistency from internet supplied water treatment products may not be that of a professional water treatment dealer. Typically the water softener will be sent to you in no less than 4 boxes.  You have to assemble the water softener, add the softening media via a funnel and install the equipment yourself as most plumbers and water treatment professionals know better than to get involved with internet products. 

Although most of our business comes from homeowners in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Credit River, Eagan, Elko, Farmington,
 Inver Grove Heights, Lakeville, New Market, Prior Lake, Rosemount, Savage, and Shakopee we do service the majority of the Twin Cities Metro Area. 

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For $79 we can check out your existing water softener. It may just need a tune-up or repair.

If the repair cost exceeds the value and replacement is necessary, if you purchase one of our water softeners the $79 will be credited to your purchase.
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