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Woman drinking clean softened water from Dakota Water Treatment of Minnesota
Dakota Water Treatment Clack ws1 Water Softener
Dakota Water Treatment's Clack WS1 Water Softening System

softening & filtering 
your household water

Clack WS1 Water Softening System
Dakota Water Treatment Pentair Fleck Water Softener

Why is my water hard?

Minnesota is home to some of the hardest water in the nation. Most of us get our water from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer. This well is very deep and has a high dissolved mineral content. The amount of dissolved mineral - primarily calcium & magnesium determine your level of water hardness.

American made - Time tested reliability -

  Maintenance free operation - Environmentally efficient 

Why do I need a water softener?

Hard water is very corrosive and difficult to remove. Hard water creates a scale that builds up on fixtures, appliances and plumbing as well as your laundry, skin & hair.  Hard water damages water using appliances and your plumbing.

Water softeners remove the calcium & magnesium from the water

preventing hard water scale. 


  Love your water

Clack Corp Water Softener
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Dakota Water Treatment family owned & operated since 1992

Offering Industry leading products by Clack Corp & Pentair Fleck

Professional and friendly sales & service

Over 30 years experience treating hard water issues

Dakota-Water offers the best water softeners, prices & warranties in the industry guaranteed!

Serving Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville, Prior Lake, Rosemount, Savage, Shakopee and surrounding south metro communities

Dakota Water Treatment offers the most innovative, maintenance free, time tested water treatment products at fair and honest prices. 

We provide homeowners and contractors water and air treatment products from industry leaders Clack, Pentair Fleck, and Second Wind.  It is important to us that all of our water softeners, drinking water systems and UV air purifiers are manufactured in the USA.


Our water softeners valves, drinking water systems and tanks manufactured in USA from plants in Wisconsin. By offering the best water softeners and drinking water systems available we feel confident offering you the best warranty in the industry. Our sales and service teams are second to none. Call us today to see which water treatment system, drinking water system or UV air purification is right for you.



people enjoying clean purified indoor air from Dakota Water Treatment of Minnesota

Looking for cleaner, safer indoor air?

Water is essential.

Water touches everyone

and everything in your home. 

Minnesota has some of the hardest water in the nation. Hard water is problem water. Hard water costs you money and time. Some of the damage caused by hard water liming can be difficult to reverse. You can see what hard water deposits are doing to your dishes, glassware, dishwasher and fixtures, what you do not see is what hard water scale is doing to your water heater and plumbing.


Soft water is necessary for protecting your home, everyone

and everything in it.

Having soft water makes a noticeable difference.

Start enjoying the benefits of clean soft water today! 

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