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City of Eagan

Sources of your drinking water

The City of Eagan provides drinking water from a deep underground “groundwater” source. The water is drawn from the Jordan, Mt. Simon, and Prairie Du Chien-Jordan aquifers. Eagan has 21 deep wells ranging from 408 to 1075 feet. The water provided to customers meets drinking water standards. The Minnesota Department of Health has also made a determination as to how vulnerable the source of water may be to future contamination incidents.

Aesthetic Water Properties

(after treatment by the City of Eagan)

Iron: 0.1 ppm

Manganese:  0.02 ppm

Chlorine:  0.5-1.0 ppm

Fluoride:  0.5-0.9 ppm

Water Hardness: 17 grains per gallon

A quality water softener will remove the problem some hard water minerals calcium and magnesium.

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To view the City of Eagan water quality report:

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