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Water Softener Troubleshooting


Millennium Water softener Service Manual

Millennium Whole House Filter Service Manual


Fleck 5600 Service Manual





To turn off your water softener- locate the by-pass lever which is behind the control valve. Push, pull or turn lever to put water softener into bypass. Unplugging a water softener does not turn the water softener off.


To turn off your drinking water system- Locate the shut off valve on the top of your RO tank and turn (usually a quarter of a turn) will turn off flow from the tank.  Locate the red feed line coming from your RO system and turn to the water feed line off.


What type of salt should I be using- All of our water softeners use crystal salt (typically found in a blue bag) Also known as solar salt or solar crystals.  We do not recommend using pellet, rock or block salt.


Why is my softener regenerating in the middle of the day? You need to reset the time of day.


To reset time of day - on a Millennium EDS (5 button) Press "set clock" the hour will flash. use the up and down arrow to set the correct time. Make sure you are setting for AM or PM. Press "set clock" to set the minutes. Press "set clock" to complete


To reset time of day - on a Millennium EDF (3 button) Press and hold "set" button until the hour flashes. Use the up and down arrow to set the hour. If it is PM make sure the arrow is pointing to the PM indicator. Press "set" to complete


To reset time of day- on an Odyssey 5600 Press in the red button on the front of the controller. The outer (notched) dial should spin freely. Turn the outer dial until the correct time of day appears. Release the red button.


What should I do if my water softener is leaking or stuck in a water using cycle?

You must put the water softener into bypass ( follow instructions below) Simply unplugging the water softener WILL NOT stop the flow of water to the water softener. You must put the softener into bypass to prevent the flow of water and call for service.


To bypass the water softener: 

All Dakota Water Treatment water softeners come with a bypass lever or twist dials.  The bypass is located right behind the control valve. Simply pull the lever or twist the dials until they are pointing to bypass.


Should I turn off my water softener when I am away on vacation? If you have the Millennium water softener you can simply unplug it. You may want to regenerate the water softener the night before you leave this is done by pressing the "regen" button on the front of the controller for 1 second. The words "regen today" will appear on the display. This will clean your softener prior to you unplugging it.  Upon return make sure to reset the time of day. (Directions on resetting time of day is above.)


If you have the Odyssey water softener there is no need to do anything as the water softener will not regenerate until you resume normal water usage.  You may want to manually regenerate the water softener prior to leaving. This can be done by turning the center dial a few clicks to to right. 


I ran out of salt what should I do?  Millennium owners, fill your salt bin then press the "regen" button for 1 second. Regen today will flash on the display. Your softener is now set to regenerate at 2am.  If you press & hold "regen" for 5 seconds the softener will regenerate immediately. 


Odyssey 5600 owners: Add salt and wait 2-3 hours before manually regenerating the water softener. Turning the center dial a few clicks to the right will initiate regeneration. 


My salt is not going down and water feels hard- You may have a salt bridge. Typically salt bridges occur at the bottom near the water line.  You need to remove the loose salt. When you get to a hard layer (the salt bridge) you need to break it up and remove the large salt clusters and throw away. Put the loose salt back in (If you removed the water, make sure you put 4 gallons of water back in) let sit for 2-3 hours then set the water softener to regenerate.


I have low water pressure- Your water softening media may have broken down and is restricting proper flow. Put the water softener into by pass. If the pressure is restored you will need to have the filter media replaced or it may be time to replace the water softener. 


My water is too soft- Soft water is free of hard water minerals. When you water is hard the soap and detergents curd to the minerals forming a film on your skin making it feel squeaky or sticky, when your water is free of hard water minerals the soap rinses off easily and it is actually your bodies oil that makes the slippery feel. If you are using too much soap or detergent it may be more difficult to rinse the soap off.  Soft water requires very little soap. Cut back on all your soap and detergent use throughout the home.


I have soft water and my dishes have a film on them- If the film wipes off with a towel, you are using too much detergent. Never put detergent into the prewash dispenser. Do not use tablets or pods (they are measured for hard water use.) If your glasses have a rainbow effect your water may be too hot. Some glassware just degrades with use. 


My water softener does not seem to be working- Test your outlet to see if your outlet has power.  Your GFI breaker may have tripped. Check for a salt bridge.  Call for service.


My water softener keeps running water to the drain- Your softener may be stuck in a cycle. To turn off your water softener, locate the by-pass lever which is behind the control valve. Push, pull or turn lever to put water softener into bypass. Unplugging the water softener does not stop the water from running. Call for service.



Before making any adjustment to your water softeners settings we strongly suggest you call us first.  

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