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Water Softener Installation in Eagan, MN

Dakota Water Treatment: Eagan's Trusted Water Softener Installation Expert

Dakota Water Treatment stands as a favorite amongst homeowners in Eagan, MN, offering unmatched water softening solutions. Since our inception in 1992, this family-owned enterprise has led the charge in providing Eagan's households with top-tier water softening services. Our path has been paved with unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, a dedication to quality, and a selection of premium products, ensuring the community of Eagan enjoys superior soft water benefits.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is second to none. Elevate your home's water quality with a comprehensive house filter, removing harmful chemicals for safer, better-tasting water throughout your entire home. Say goodbye to chlorine, PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), and heavy metals, enhancing your water's taste and smell

Improve your indoor air quality by integrating a UV filter into your HVAC system. Recognized as a Class II medical device by the FDA, this germicidal lamp effectively eliminates dust mites, pollen, mold, various viruses, airborne bacteria, and even neutralizes common household odors.

Why Choose Us in Eagan?

  • Local Expertise: With over three decades in the field, our extensive experience in water softening solutions is unmatched in Eagan.

  • Commitment to Quality: We go beyond just installing water softeners; we ensure every product is industry-leading, guaranteeing durability and efficiency.

  • Cost-Effective Services: Our mission is to provide affordable services without cutting corners on quality. We offer competitive pricing for superior service.

  • USA-Made Products: We support local businesses and quality by sourcing all our products from U.S. manufacturers.

Our approach in Eagan is based on reliability and integrity. We recognize the unique needs of each home and offer customized solutions accordingly. From tackling hard water issues to removing harmful chemicals and prolonging the life of water-using appliances, our skilled team is ready to meet your needs.


We also prioritize educating our customers on the advantages of soft water, such as enhanced cleaning efficiency, prolonged appliance lifespan, and improved skin and hair condition. Our services extend beyond installations; we aim to improve your home's overall water quality.


For residents of Eagan, MN, in search of a trustworthy, experienced, and customer-centric water softening service, Dakota Water Treatment is your ideal choice. Contact us today to see how we can upgrade your water experience with our exceptional soft water installation services.

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